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Sunburn in October

October 31, 2012

First of all, YES. I know that sunburn is cause by the angle of sun rays and not heat alone. And too actually say I got “sunburnt” is a bit of an exaggeration. Its much more of a light shading. The point of the title is though, that Spain, Baracalona in particular, has the most amazing beach I have been been too, in both October and ever.

About 3 weeks ago began the planning for the “World Tour 2012”. Greg and I sat down and looked up flights all across Europe. There is a very efficient airline called “Ryan Air” that is, as my friend Tegan would say, “is the Mcdonalds of airplanes.” Cheep but the quality is noticeably lacking. To put it in context, you could fly from Budapest (Hungry) to Brussels (Belgium) for 14 Euros after all fees.

With prices like that we were able to hit 3 major cities in only 7 days.  We started our trip in Baraclona, but getting there was an adventure in itself. We left Holland at 7 AM for a 1 pm Flight, and barely made it because of a 3-min-layover missed train. It was scary to think we might have planned so much and then not made it, but Gregs persistence helped a lot and we made it.

Stepping off the bus in the center square of Barcalona was an intense moment. Even after being awake for about 20 hours, we felt alive just observing the busy streets in fast paced momentum. One thing leads to another and we find ourselfs at our hostal. 

Greg and I joke a lot that he has very good luck. But there was no denying it this time when we walked in the front doors and learned that the hostal was but only a month old. The luck is in the fact that that night and the next night, the only two nights were staying there, just happens to be the investors party nights. In other words free food, free booz and a ska band blasting music, open to all guests. Cha-ching.

So we enjoyed the party and met two Romanian girls. They were sweethearts. One happened to be a semi-professional dancer that once danced to a crowd of 15,000! So after a few drinks the current accountant proved it at an irish bar. When the beat was turned up, she was turned on and danced like it was the last time she might ever. She danced so well that an irish man gave her a 5 Euro tip! The bar tender brought us all shots! AND they played a special song for her shortly after for an encore! It was ridiculous.

The next day Greg and I would run into them randomly while bike riding around. It was funny to meet in a random spot in Barclona but there was some real fun in renting bikes for the day. We were able to hit all the major spots, like the Arc La Rambla. 

It would be this night however that we met our friends from Belfast Ireland. Kyle “yolo” and his boys were out front our hostal upon us returning in that night, at say, I dont know, 1 am? They were on our level, and dressed to kill in their Celtic jerseys. Literally dressed to kill, I would see a lot of rambunctious Irish men these two nights, but none so crazy as Kyle. So after our heated soccer debates on “whos the greatest” and who will take home the win in the Celtic V Barcalona game the next dat we decided to split ways. Ironically they were in the same hostal, so we walked in together and headed for the elevator. On its way up we foundout that they were on the same floor. We laughed a bit, until we got to the same door. Yup they were our roommates for the night. We spent the entire night talking! The funniest coincidence being our random child hood connection of Spyro the dragon.

The night hit a brick wall, however, at 7 30 am. When our tired eyes realized that breakfast was being served. So we took a trip down, and Mr. Kyle “Yolo” decided to make new friends. “Why you looking at me?” he said to the only other person at breakfast. Then a string of hilarity pulled from his mouth until we were knocked out about 15 minutess later in our dorm.

When will I be getting to sunburn you wonder? Right now. About 2 hours after breakfast greg and I wake up and peace out. Checkout was at 11 and we exited the building but had about 10 hours to kill before our flight. So was walked down to the beach and wow. Just wow. Never before have i seen such an amazing beach. So i rolled up my pant leg, and took off my shirt, ladies, and took a nice long stroll across Barcalonas beach, shin deep in water. It was clear. It was beautiful and there were tinyfish swimming all around me as if they were trying to play or something. I took 2 small rocks from this beach but one was tossed away at airport security. Jerk.

Overall this would be my favorite of the three locations visited last week. The following two posts, over the next two days will describe how the rest of the trip went. Oh, and one last thing. The beach on Barcalona was top-optional. Winky face. 


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  1. Colleen permalink

    Hi Tim – It’s Aunt Colleen. Sounds like you’re having the time of your life! Good for you!
    Just wanted to tell you I’m enjoying your blog and wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!
    We’ll miss you!

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