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October 2, 2012

The moment opportunity and luck combine for a beautiful mixture in the seemly impossible to create a euphoria scenario that pushes the belief of mere coincidence.  Its obvious, I am referencing great moments in X-factor history.

Its the chance. Its the risk. A x-factor can only happen when its no one is expecting it. Last Saturday morning I wasn’t expecting it, and thats when it hit me. But let me back-up first. This moment is only a great x-factor with its history. This blog is a testament to my study abroad experience, which could only happen if I gave up a final season of soccer. I love soccer, football, Votball. How ever you say it, I still love it. So I came to Holland over having a senior year of sport. Which of course kind-of sucks, a lot. That point I can not stress enough. Ok, back to the story.  

After a drama filled night forced onto me by others agendas I awoke wanting to clear my head. I thought let me just run away from it. In a physical sense not metaphorical. So I strapped on my running shoes and sprinted out the door in a never before traveled direction. Often when I run here I always pick a new path and try to get lost. It gives me the opportunity to explore. In Holland I’ve come across a really nice park, with ducks and birds. Another time I stumbled upon wide fields of cows and grass. This time I found a fork in the road.

I could go left. Follow the line of trees and road to where ever it may take me. I could go right. Follow the streets back into the suburbs and observe more Dutch architecture. I went left. For no real reason except maybe, x-factor. I ran for several hundred yards before my keen sense of observation realizes that just beyond that long strip of trees to my left is a canal. And behind that canal…

The most beautiful series of soccer fields. Two turf fields, a perfect grass pitch, several nice-but-not-as-nice grass arenas, all lined one next to the other. Two buildings, with their club titles printed on the sides of the building and again on the flags that hung next to them, sat behind the center fields. I ventured in.

By passing the young-ins playing on the field I walked up the stairs and into a bar. Looking around I see a large window to the right over looking the fields, a tender tending to the thirsty adults, a pinball machine, a menu for food and soccer moms prepping their kids for battle. It was glorious. So I went ot the tender and asked, “How can I get involved?”

He went and grabbed a stern looking man for me. He had dark shades and small hoop earring, one most men could not pull off the way he could. We chatted for a bit. Long story slightly shorter, tonight, the second of November, I find myself with nerves again as I will be breaking in my new cleats on the field tonight with some of Leidens best young talent. At 7 I will be on the fields looking for Mario “with dreads”. Wish me luck!


ImageMeyer. Out.


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  1. It’s October the last time I checked. I guess the beer was pretty good.

  2. karen permalink

    WOW…what a great pic!! Good luck and show them the American Beckhams!!

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