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Dont Let Daddy Know

September 19, 2012

It was a lazy afternoon, hanging around the dorms when my roommate first asked me if I knew about the event “Dont let Daddy Know”. Well apparently this party takes to the road, crossing European boards from Ibiza to Amsterdam. Mostly playing your typical club house music, but known for inviting special guests like Wiz Kalifia too. Wiz was not there last night, but even without him it was worthy.

Traveling halfway across the country for this show, we arrived in Amsterdam at about eleven thirty. Then we rolled-in the club at about midnight. The growing anticipation made it seem impossible to live up too. And yet it still did.

I don’t want to call it stories, because they were more like platforms. But there were three declining segments, with the lights, music and dance floor centralized on the basement floor. With several bars, one in the VIP lounge, one right next to the dance floor, and one in a cooler, more mellow, back dance room, for those who may not enjoy the “rave” like atmosphere. Toped off with a smoking room where, unfortunately for non-smokers, all the non-VIP chairs and benches are.

The lights and banners surround the three side of the dance floor from all angles that don’t climb up. Yet, my group of friends still managed to bring their own finger lights to enhance the light show anyway. Strobes flickered from all directions as sub woofers thumped the ground floor. So we set up camp right next to the best ones. It was clutch though because our position scored us some face time on the Facebook picture page. It was so awesome that the show ended at 5 in the morning, but we wanted to stay till 6.

It was the most over-whelming, in-control thing, I have ever seen. What is respectable about clubs in Europe is how respectful everyone partying there was. Often in the states I feel as though there are a lot of people who are either a little obnoxious or arrogant about their partying. Either there being distracting by attracting attention, or rude and demanding it. In AIR, the site of this shin-dig, I found it easy to pass by people in the club with people moving out of my way, rather than in it. Yet, one man sensing my Americanism, made a comment to me in French. What he said, I am unsure of. But he laughed, so I laughed and then we high-five’d. It was awesome.

We got back at about 6 30 in the morning and stayed up to watch the sun rise. We sat around and looked at our ridiculous pictures freshly snapped from at the club. Joked about absurd moments. And shared a quiet moment, appreciating how lucky we are we can even have the opportunity to have these experiences. The night was a blessing.

Meyer. Out.Image

Just some of my friends enjoying the music.


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