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My twenty-first birthday

September 12, 2012

Quick shout out to my mom, who shares a birthday with me. Happy birthday! And one more to you crazy St. Louis kids, and everyone in the LLC. Thanks for a memorable twenty first birthday.

Birthdays are a time for celebration. It is the recognition of another year of life experience and a temporary excuse to act like a celebrity. Which is not a bad thing, unless that celebrity is Charlie Sheen. Don’t be Charlie Sheen. 

But birthdays are a symbol of maturity and status, which at certain ages becomes a pass to new, previously off-limits aspects of life that are granted only to those who have obtained the socially-given title of “Adult”. 

Like taking a road trip after getting your license, new access to taboo things is usually greeted in-excess by the American culture. The Twenty-first birthday has that sort of mind-set attached to it. This is because it is the legal drinking age in America. Also the last thing I will ever have to wait for. Anything that my age previously held me back from, has past. Except renting a car at 25. But thats less exciting. 

So the day began with a presentation meeting and class. Followed by laziness and naps. Then finally proceeded by a quick trip to my favorite burger place. It was awesome. Afterwards, however, I brought a bit of American culture to Leiden with me. 

Following my roommates lead, we walked down to the courtyard of the dormitory to a group a people gathered together in celebration. It was a nice night and we hung around as the sun set. Then we went down to “Kaassers” where we met with another group of people also celebrating another persons september 11th birthday. It was a packed bar, that Tuesday Night.

I was greeted at the door with a round of presents given to my group from the bartender. Then continued to be showered in gifts all night. Before long, I was making my birthday known from the top of the bar! It was nice “finally” being able to enjoy a beer or two. 

It was at about 11 or so when I decided that food is a very necessary idea. So I hoped on my wheels of my vintage brown bike, and pedaled down across the bride for a good ole American diet staple, McDonalds. Two burgers and a chicken sandwich, please. It was spectacular. Afterwards I returned to the group and partied like I earned it. 

It was an awesome birthday spent in a foreign country. I could not have asked for better company and want to thank everyone who helped make it happen. It was a perfect day. I would change nothing. In the words of Charlie Sheen “Winning”.

Meyer. Out.  


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  1. Jacqueline Carlson permalink

    So happy it was a good one. Happy Birthday Mrs. Meyer!

  2. KAREN permalink

    Wow Tim…glad you had such a great day!! How was the canal?? LOL.

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