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September 10, 2012

Shout out to Jill and Heather Meyer. They would be my sisters. I felt it appropriate to acknowledge some family at the start of this post considering this post is about how I miss those crazy characters.

I am in the start of my third week of school, and already my fourth week here. Its moving a bit too fast for my liking. Its as if I am in some sort of race, and there is no time to stop it, only time to continue moving as fast forward as possible. So I try often to breathe and know I am in Holland, and just appreciate that much.

However, homesickness, is not the inability to appreciate a new place with a longing desire to go home. Because I love this place, and its style. But with that being said, its not as if I don’t feel the same about home back home. Its a bittersweetness that leaves me torn between the advantages of both. So homesickness to me urge for the familiarity from family. 

Even when I go away to school in the states, I still generally see the parental figures once every month or so. And although skype is a great tool to simulate the same experience, it just falls short of actual face to face time. Its lacks the legitimacy. 

I also strongly miss portion sizes.

So home, halfway around the world, will always have certain aspects that I will always love and miss when I am away. But I will not let that keep me from enjoying my time when I am gone. What’s the point if I do?   It would be a waste of time gone. Plus, it’s important to take take time away from things you enjoy. Makes you appreciate them when they’re back again.

In other news, I am have some big plans coming up. The weekend coming up I have tickets to a enormous concert in Amsterdam call “Don’t Tell Daddy”. I have big expectations! More to come on that after it happens. Also happening this month is Octoberfest, which is something I am very dedicated to experiencing. No big plans other than that for now.

Although, yesterday I spent the day on the Den Haag beach with a few friends from school. It  was a beautiful day and a beautiful beach (pictures to come). It had a large boardwalk, and it was popping with people, restaurant-bars, and even a carousel. Then a few steps away is what seems like miles of beach with a quarter mile of sand buffering the water from the boardwalk. We got there later in the day, maybe around 7, and as the sun started is decent down, we dug our hands through the soft, shell filled sand and waited to the stars to make their cameo on the wondrous scene we watched unfold. (PS not every person wears a speedo in europe.) The last thing I will comment on is the public transportation, and how efficient it was. For only a few euros, we were able to take a round trip to and from the beach via tram and train. Kudos Europe.

So overall, no experience will ever be perfect. Even if it is the little things from home that hold that criteria back. But thats fine, because I wouldn’t have it any other way. From Europe with love,


Meyer. Out.



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  1. Heather permalink

    Hi brother, been reading your blogs. Glad to hear your doing well. I miss you COME HOME soon. Love You. Heather

  2. KAREN permalink


  3. Barbara permalink

    Happy Birthday !! Enjoy your day ! Barbara

  4. Jacqueline Carlson permalink

    Happy 21st Timmy! Although I wish you were here so we could celebrate together, I’m sure youll have a blast out in Holland!! Be safe, miss you!!!

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