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Bussels Waffles

September 3, 2012

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium and also where I decided to take a weekend trip with a few other study abroad students this weekend.

It was Thursday night when my roommate sprung the invite on me, and after a few hours of thinking it over, I accepted. So Friday promptly after my classes, we walked down to the train station and departed. The cost of the round trip was very cheep which is what made this trip so accessible. It was interesting to finally use the high-speed train system that connects all of Europe. The double decker train was a bit crowded but in a mere two hours transported us across borders to our destination. It was nice leaving a country without taking my shoes off too.

Brussels was an interesting city and we went at an interesting time. They were having there beer tasting weekend! The streets were packed with performers, tourists and alcohol of every flavor. I must say I was most impressed with the soccer street artists who were pulling off tricks like balancing a ball on their neck while doing a hand stand. Very creative stuff that I was certain was impossible. Also the were several water color painters displaying the works for sale. It was all very impressive and a few of my friends bought some works.

That night we decided to go out and experience the night life. The first place we arrived to was a duplex bar, with a club like scene upstairs and country like scene with an acoustic guitar player downstairs. With a large room sealed off just for smokers. They had the longest happy hour I had ever seen, a whole 6 hours, and ended at midnight. What I was unaware about Europe was that when they go out, they stay out. All night. This is why I was so baffled by a happy hour ending at Midnight. Apparently its not as late to them.

After we left there we wondered into the guinness world books record holder for the most amount of beers on tap. I sampled a chocolate one and a raspberry one. Quite delectable drinks. It was located on a street full of bars and people gathered in the middle to drink openly in the streets. It was a very different experience than anything I had ever seen in America. 

The next day we went out to tour Brussels in the day. The beer festival had a lot of special activities like tents of beer tastings and parade walking across main streets and squares. There was an exciting amount of life that could be felt in the air. It was consuming as we photographed the old architectural buildings and indulged in the States famous foods. The waffles were sweet as pure sugar and the chocolate rich but not overwhelming. 

For dinner we ate in a smaller square of the town, outside as the sun began to set. Pizza was the main course and was delicious. It wasn’t quite New York Pizza, but I am very bias when it comes to that! It was a very relaxing meal that took a while to make a short time to eat. Again the portion sizes, and lack of free refills is still an adjustment I need to make.

That night we stayed in, and hangout on the balcony of our hotel room as we watched the lively city do its thing. It was a quieter night but fun none the less. The pervious night was very intense with trying to communicate with the locals so it was nice to not have that burden. Speaking English in Holland is not something I will take for granted any more.

Now it is monday and I need to get back to my studies, but it was a fun trip and easily done. Amoung other things, the opportunity to travel is what makes Europe very worthwhile in my opinion.

Meyer. Out.


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  1. Lisa Montheard permalink

    Hi Timmy it’s Aunt Lisa. Your mom gave me your blog address and when I just viewed it I was amazed how incredible and detailed you wrote. After reading it I truly felt like I was there since you wrote it in amazing details. Timmy I am very proud of you and how well you are doing. Could you do me a favor and write a little about you playing soccer there? I’d like to hear more and look forward to reading more of your future “blogs”. Good luck and have an amazing birthday! Love-Aunt Lisa

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