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Disorientation Week 27-8-12

August 30, 2012

 It is Monday the 27th of August, exactly one week since I have arrived. Since then I have met a lot of my student body, triangulated the coordinates for a few important shops, read over two chapters of a text book, and done laundry once. I am simply living, just in a whole new place. 

I have to say, at the moment I love it. I enjoy the dutch lifestyle. The fact that they bike everywhere is awesome! I went out and bought a bike only a few days after living here. Its is very unlike American transportation. And after living in and around manhattan for the summer, adjustment took some time. I definitely violated a few traffic laws, because they weren’t yelling dutch compliments! I’m still learning though. Its saves an enormous amount of time from walking so I enjoy it.The first few days of walking knocked me out. I was exhausted and wasting a lot of time traveling. Now I feel much more efficient. Oh and fun fact: Bikes always have the right of way. 

I also like how fresh everything is. Fruits, bread, and plenty of other foods good bad quickly here, so it is imperative that food bought is ate within a few days. It feels a little bit healthier knowing they cant use preservatives. It is straight-up illegal. 

I miss portion sizes though. Today I bought a medium french fry from mcdonalds, and was stunned at how many fries there weren’t. Well obviously the were fries, but in comparison the food sizes here are much more moderate. This will be the hardest thing i have to adapt to!

For the most part, however, I have been greeted kindly by the general public. People are willing to point me in the right direction, after claiming how foreign I look of course. None-the-less guiding and assisting me as I need. It is very convenient that almost everyone I have interacted with spoke english too some degree. 

Tomorrow starts my classes, so today is my last day of an “empty schedule”. It will be missed as I enjoyed roaming around all week, just exploring and meeting new people. I will end on something I found strange about the Netherlands. In all my searching, I came across 2 basketball courts and no soccer fields, at this point. I am a little disappointed, but then again, I am in the smack middle of a city town. Here, it is much easier to place a basketball court.


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  1. Tim permalink

    Tim nice job I read all three of your post’s just now and must say [albiet I am your Dad] was quite impressed with your “skills”

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