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Unpacked and Unprepared 8-17-12

August 17, 2012

I start this blog with T-minus 52 hours until I depart for the Netherlands! Its astonishing how quick the summer passes (every year) and brings me into the next semester of school. In this case my last year. But just like freshman year I am still waiting to the last moments to start packing.

Although I’ve known I will be studying abroad  for quite a while now, it hasn’t “felt” like I’ll be leaving until this past week. It was all of the sudden, talking causally about the upcoming experience with my friends who haven taken trips to Amsterdam, when for whatever reason, it hit me like a blindsided line backer that: For the next 4 months of my life, I will be engulfed in a culture far from anything I’ve ever experienced. 

It’s a bit scary. It’s a lot exciting. It is studying aboard and I feel very lucky and privileged to have this opportunity. However, when I really think about it, I am completely unprepared. Its more than just empty bags, its ignorance to their lifestyle. Books and brochures are nice sure, but they’re only a sample. It can’t tell me how the air tastes. It can’t show me how the vibrations of a disco-teck feel. Nor would I want them to. I would rather experiences these sensations in person. 

It will be interesting adjusting to their norms as well. Body language cues, proper etiquette and even social contexts with peers will be an areas of interests to me personally. Things I am sure I will pickup over time, but none-the-less intriguing.

I should also mention I will not be traveling alone. A former teammate of mine, Greg Demaio will be studying at Webster Universities, Leiden campus with me. He is a good friend, and a good guy. We definitely plan on leaving our mark all across Europe before returning home.

Overall, I end this post with a smile because I can’t wait to leave. And this unpreparedness seems in a way fitting. Some one smarter than me once said that I should always look for a challenge I am not ready for, then rise to the occasion. Well, heres to hoping he is right.

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